Paying on Your Account

Paying on Your Account

Indiana University requires timely payment of all tuition and fees. "Failure to receive a paper bill does not exempt a student from paying in a timely fashion. " (See Fee Payment Policy.) During Fall and Spring you may make your full payment by the due date, or divide your payments by the three or four month payment plan options that include a deferment fee.

You can make your payment by mail, drop box, online through One.IU or in person.

Mail: Make checks or money orders payable to: Indiana University. Write your ID number on all items. Include your payment stub from your statement to ensure proper identification. Please do not send post-dated checks. Mail checks or money orders at least five days before the due date to:

Indiana University Office of the Bursar
PO Box 6448
Bloomington, IN 47407

Drop Box: You can pay by check using campus drop box, which is located on the east wall of the lobby of the Administration Building. DO NOT place cash or signed travelers' checks in the drop boxes. Payments received in the drop box will be retrieved daily and posted the next business day.

Indiana University introduces a new on-line payment option for students and their families.

IU Bursar Pay is a web-based payment method for South Bend students to pay their bursar account bills using an electronic check from a checking or savings account, or a credit card (VISA, MC, or DISCOVER).

In addition to making payments, students may also:

  1. View their online statement history.
  2. Authorize other individuals, such as parents or guardians, to view their bill and pay all or part of the balance due.
  3. And more.

Students: start by going to , click the "Sign-In" box in the upper right hand corner and sign in using your username and password. Search for the "View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Pay) option and follow the instructions. Set up access for your parents or others to pay your bills.

Parents: once your student provides you account access, sign in to IU Bursar Pay by going to and searching for 3rd Party User Access and begin managing your own profile for banking information in a secure and confidential environment. For more information on 3rd Party Access see

Online through One.IU: Go to One.IU and log in. Search for the "View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Pay) option and follow the instructions.

Online Payment by Authorized Payer: Go to, search for 3rd Party User Access. Choose the Start button and complete the login with your sign on information in order to access IU Bursar Pay.

Paying in Person: Payment by check, cashier's check or money order will be accepted in the Cashier's Office, Administration Building, room 115. The Cashier's Office is located on the first floor, East wing. Please put your payment in the drop box located on the side wall of the cashier's area. It will be processed within 2-3 business days.

Pay your bill with a 529 plan: If you're paying for college with a 529 college savings plan, your plan provider should send the funds directly to you. After you receive the funds and deposit them to your checking account, you can make a payment online using our e-check option.

If your 529 college savings plan cannot send the funds directly to you, they can mail a check to us. Be sure to allow 10 to 14 business days after you request a payment for your payment to reach us.

Instruct your plan provider to make the check payable to Indiana University and to include the student's first & last names and 10-digit university ID number. Have them mail your check to:

Indiana University Office of the Bursar
PO Box 6448
Bloomington, IN 47407

Third-Party Sponsors

Sponsored students are those for whom an agency outside the university is paying student fees. This usually is an employer but includes government agencies, vocational rehabilitation, military branches, foreign governments, trusts, 529 plans and other such funding sources.

To initiate the sponsor process, you (or the organization sponsoring you) must submit a financial voucher or other documentation from the sponsoring agency indicating what portion of your tuition and fees should be billed to the sponsoring agency. Depending on the particular sponsor, the financial voucher may be called an authorization, letter of credit, or financial guarantee or, for 529 plans, is a letter indicating how many hours you have remaining. The financial voucher or other sponsor documentation should include, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Your name and university identification number (UID)
  • Authorized term or range of dates covered by the financial voucher
  • Sponsor organization’s contact information, including name, mailing address, and phone number
  • Amount authorized or the kinds of charges covered by the financial voucher
  • Address to which invoice should be sent

Vouchers may be submitted using One.IU.

To avoid late fees, vouchers should be submitted using One.IU before the due date listed on your bill. Vouchers submitted after the fourth full week of a term may be declined.

Payment of fees by the sponsor cannot be contingent on final grades, course completion, or employment status.

Questions from Sponsors can be emailed to Student questions should be directed to Student Central.

Due to the nature of the sponsor process, most sponsor credit adjustments or cancellations happen late in the semester, after the Office of the Bursar has exhausted all efforts to collect payment. It is important for sponsored students to monitor their university email as that is the official means of communication for the university. A credit on your student account does not mean the sponsor has fulfilled their obligation.

Failure on the part of the sponsor to pay could result in a past due balance subject to late fees.

Within 48 hours of receipt of the voucher, the Office of the Bursar will place a credit on your student account, which will defer your fee payment obligation and keep your account in good standing. The appropriate charges are transferred to the sponsor’s account and invoiced after the term’s refund periods are over. The invoice is due in full approximately 30 days later.

If the invoice becomes past due, the Office of the Bursar will continue to follow up with the sponsor to determine why there is a delay in payment. If the payment is not received or the sponsor does not respond, you will be notified via email. For your student account to remain in good standing, the sponsor must pay or contact us within 14 days. At this point, you should follow up with your sponsor to determine why the sponsor has not paid. In most cases, the sponsor needs additional information from you.


IU Tuition Benefit

For information about the IU Tuition Benefit for IU employees and retirees, their spouses or domestic partners and their dependent child(ren), please contact Jill Keller in Human Resources at (574) 520-4358, email or visit

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