Resources for IU South Bend Students with Children

Resources for IU South Bend Students with Children

We know that IU South Bend students with children have unique needs.  This webpage is designed to be a one-stop shop for resources to support you.  Not sure where to turn for support?  The IU South Bend Dean of Students is here for you. Laura Harlow, Interim Dean of Students, can be reached at (574) 520-5536 or

The Gateway Information Center is also available to provide information and offer one-on-one assistance to educate and help with a variety of campus processes.  They can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm via phone at (574) 520-5005, via email at, or in person in the Administration Building Main Lobby.

Brighter Futures Indiana

Offers information to empower families in their search for the highest-quality learning experiences for their children.  In addition to the website, you can call the Brighter Futures Indiana staff at 1-800-299-1627 from Monday-Thursday between 8 a.m.-7 p.m. or Friday between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST. 

Indiana Child Care Finder

This site allows you to find child care in your area or on you commute.  There is an “On-My Route” search feature.  You can filter by various search fields and the site will also show information on the center’s inspections, complaints, violations, and enforcements.  There is also information about the Paths to Quality, a rating system that allows providers to progress from level 1 (basic health and safety) to level 4 (accreditation). 

Child Care and Development Fund

The State of Indiana has resources for finding state-supported funding for childcare. This page includes an explanation eligibility for the Child Care and Development Fund, based on the total gross monthly income of the household.  There are also helpful links to these frequently asked questions:  

  • How can I get help paying for child care?
  • What is a copayment or copay in a Child Care and Development Fund?
  • What are the SNAP income limits?
  • What are the income limits of the On My Way Pre-K grant?
  • How does someone apply for Child Care and Development Fund benefits?

On My Way Pre-K

Indiana families may be eligible for grants for children to receive free, high-quality pre-K education through this program. 

Child Care Statewide Early Childhood Alliance

A non-profit organization serving the early education needs of children across northern Indiana. Services include on-site early care and education.  

Saint Joseph County Healthy Families SJC

Healthy Families helps parents of newborn babies or expectant parents by offering support and information about child development and what to expect as a new parent. 

Ready to Grow St. Joe

Supports families with children birth to age 8; offers a network to reach over 100 agencies that offer resources, programming, health care, mentoring, and more.  

WNIT Public Television (Channel 31)

Offers free programming to support early childhood education.

First Steps

Provides intervention services for children 0-3 years who are experiencing developmental delays.  

Beyond those resources, many providers offer sliding scale fees, based on income. Several providers across the state are also able to provide scholarships for families seeking financial help. 


There are specific scholarships available to single parents that can be found here, in addition to general scholarships and outside community scholarship resources.

Office of Financial Aid

Students may calculate the cost of childcare in their financial aid package if students are not already at their yearly limit for financial aid.  The Office of Financial Aid can help students explore their option for additional aid.

Emergency Relief Resources

We know that sometimes our students have financial emergencies that make it difficult for them to complete their classes.  If you have a financial emergency, we want to help.  Emergency Relief Resources provides financial consultation and assistance for short-term needs like transportation, bills, food and clothing. We don’t want these problems to prevent you from completing your degree.  If you are experiencing a financial emergency, tell us about it by filling out the application, and a member of our staff will be in touch to discuss ways that we can help.

Things happen. It could be that you overslept, your car broke down, or you didn't have money for gas.  Your child may have gotten sick overnight, or your childcare provider canceled.  All of these things can give you a good reason to miss class.  You didn't plan on these things, you can't.  But they happen.  What do you do now?   

Step One: Contact Your Instructor 

Contact your instructor via email or phone. Check the syllabus for this information or call the Gateway Information Center at 574-520-5005 for their information. It is always best to contact your instructor in advance of missing a class, if possible. If, due to the situation, you cannot contact them before class, then contact them as soon as possible after the missed class. When emailing your instructor include: 

  • Your name 
  • The course you are enrolled in with them
  • Brief explanation of the situation (that you cannot attend class or why you did miss class)
  • Request any handouts given during class

Success Tip:  Don't ask "Did I miss anything?”  Ask "What did I miss?"  

Each instructor works diligently to plan and structure each class meeting in such a way as to allow students to get the most from their time in class.  If you ask, “Did I miss anything?” there could be an implied message that you don't normally get anything out of class.  Some instructors may find that question insulting.  

Step Two: Get the Missed Notes and Assignments 

The missed information (such as course slides, handouts, guides) may be found on Canvas; check your course syllabus for where to access course materials.  You also may include the request in your contact with the instructor.  Also, you might want to contact another student in the class to get their notes from class before the next class meeting.  

Success Tip: Introduce yourself to another person in the class in the first couple of class meetings.  Make a plan to allow you to share information should one of you need to miss an occasional class. 

Step Three: Dedicate the Time to Catch Up 

Check your syllabus for what is being learned during class that day and what is required to prepare for the next class meeting.  If work is submitted online, be sure to submit that by the stated deadlines.  If you have a concern or work is required to be handed in the day of the class that you miss, mention this in your contact with the instructor.  Your syllabus may also contain policies on missing class and/or assignments.  Be sure that you understand the policies and ask your instructor if you have any questions. 

Getting a copy of the notes and meeting with your professor are both good things to do.  If you don't dedicate the time to learn the material you missed, you could miss out on valuable information within the course. 

Success Tip: Rewrite your notes in your notebook to allow you the opportunity to read them and write them in a focused way.  Make a list of questions you have after reading the notes.  Go to your instructor’s office hours or make an appointment to discuss your questions with your instructor.  

Step Four: Work to Reduce Your Chances of Missing Class Again 

Whatever the reason you had to miss class, there is likely a way to avoid it occurring again.  Consider your resources at home, within your community, and as an Indiana University student.  Faculty and Staff are here to support your success; reach out to your instructors, academic advisor, and Titan Success Coach to discuss additional resources! 

Family Events Calendar

The IU South Bend Campus calendar has a feature where you can filter by events for families. 

Boo to You

An annual tradition each fall, Boo to You is a kid festival with games, candy, storytelling, and more.  Come bring your entire family to this wonderful event.  Look for more information about the event on Titan Atlas and in the Daily Titan.

Michele's Little Hearts Theatre

An annual theater program for elementary school students held in February.  Look for more information about the program on the Raclin Events Calendar.

Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons

The WERC provides a mix of preK-12 educational resources, juvenile literature, and makerspace technology.  Located in Room 2010 on the 2nd floor of the Education & Arts Building, it is the place on campus for 3D printing, large format printing, laminating, binding projects, vinyl sticker making, t-shirt printing, die-cuts, and much more!

Titans Athletics

IU South Bend has eight athletic teams with home games throughout the year.  You can find the schedule of games on the Athletics Calendar.

Check out a Music or Theater Performance

In addition to Michele's Little Hearts Theatre there are music and theater performances throughout the year.  You can find these on the Raclin Events Calendar.

Tutoring and Mentoring for Grades K-12

The IU Student Success Corps is a collaboration across the IU regional campuses, providing tutoring, mentoring, and workshops for youth state-wide. 

Civil Rights Heritage Center

The Civil Rights Heritage Center functions as a living museum that simultaneously preserves and honors past struggles for civil rights and social justice in the Northern Indiana region while initiating and supporting contemporary efforts to advance the unfinished fight for justice.  This is accomplished by housing a permanent exhibition detailing the history of the civil rights struggle to transform the Engman Public Natatorium from a place that excluded and then segregated against African Americans, into a space that is inclusive and welcoming to all.  The Center also offers a city-wide self-guided tour.

Visit a Museum or the Zoo

While not on campus, a pass to either the Studebaker/History Museum or Potawatomi Zoo is available at the library to check out for up to 4 days. The Zoo Pass allows up to 6 guests free admittance. The History/Studebaker Museums pass allows up to 4 guests free admittance.

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