SAP Appeal Help

SAP Appeal Help

IU South Bend understands students may experience circumstances that impair their ability to be academically successfully. We encourage SAP appeals for those in this situation. If you need additional help with your SAP appeal, please review the information below and consider making an appointment with the Titan Success Center.

Successful SAP Appeals

All SAP appeals must:

  1. State the reason(s) why you did not meet the SAP standards. Clearly explain what happened. Admit any problem you may have encountered.
  2. Explain what has changed to allow you to be successful. Examples of what you have done or will do to make sure you are able to meet SAP standards can be helpful here.
  3. Provide any documentation supporting what you stated in your appeal.

Writing your appeal

Personal Statement*

Using the space below, provide your personal statement. You must include the following:

  • Identify what caused your unsatisfactory academic progress during all the terms in which SAP was not met;
  • Explain how you will be successful in upcoming semesters; and
  • Documentation to support your appeal, if applicable. Appropriate documentation may include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Medical condition—a physician's or health care provider's statement confirming your medical condition and that (s)he medically supports your decision to continue your enrollment
    • Death of a family member—a copy of the death certificate or obituary
    • Divorce/Separation—court documents
    • Military services—official military order

*If completing an Excessive Hours Appeal, you must explain the reason for the delay in your degree completion.

Example of a successful appeal

What Happened:

On March 2, 2017, I had a baby 2 months earlier than my due date. I was in the hospital for one week and could not attend class. In addition, my baby was in neonatal intensive care until April 15, 2017. I spent all my time at hospital and by the time the baby came home, I could not catch up with the assignments I missed and had to withdraw .

What Changed:

I have recovered from the birth and my baby is healthy. My mom will watch the baby while I am in class or studying. In addition, I plan to visit ACE for help studying.

  • Attached Documentation:
  • A doctor's note confirming complications for me and my baby
  • A copy of the hospital bill showing the dates of admission and release

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