IQ Wall Promotions

Promote Your News and Events with the IQ-Wall

The IQ-Wall is a fantastic medium for sharing your news and events on campus. Located in the University Grill, the IQ-Wall offers extensive visibility to the IU South Bend campus community. Consider sharing news, events, and other important information with our community through the IQ-Wall’s new promotional display.

IQ-Wall promotions will be available when the IQ-Wall is not in use for events or other opportunities and will rotate 4-5 still images or virtual flyers. Promotional space on the IQ-Wall is limited and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, with additional considerations from university leadership based on appropriate and priority use. Please allow a minimum of five business days for request processing.

Please review the guidelines and considerations below before submitting your request for digital promotions space with the IQ-Wall. For additional questions, please contact the Office of Special Events at (574) 520-5111 or email

Additional Considerations

Before submitting your request for IQ-Wall digital promotions, please consider the following:

The IQ-Wall offers selective, high-profile digital promotion for news, events, and other announcements that is visible to students, staff, faculty, and other campus guests. Information that’s universal to campus life is best suited for this medium.

The IQ-Wall is located in the University Grill, a core location on campus. While audiences are diverse and widespread, this space is most commonly utilized by students, followed by staff and faculty.

Before submitting your digital flyer or image, please review this file carefully to ensure that this display reflects your group’s and the university’s ideal brand. For more information on branding, please review Indiana University’s guidance on branding.

Based on the goal of your promotion, consider the timeframe needed to promote your news and events. Recommended event marketing may range from two to six weeks depending on the size of your event. Campus bulletins may need to run for two weeks or more to address all audiences.

While the IQ-Wall is a wonderful opportunity for promoting your news and events, what other opportunities are there for cross-promotion? Consider some of these other promotional opportunities on campus:

The Daily Titan
Social Media
Digital Signs


For questions regarding the reservation of the IQ-Wall or the University Grill, please contact the Special Events Office at (574) 520-5111 or email

For technical assistance, please contact the UITS Help Desk at (574) 520-5555 or email

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