Key and Lock Policy

Key and Lock

The Department of Facilities Management provides the faculty, staff, and students of IU South Bend with the essential keys for their positions while maintaining the security standards of the university.

Key and Lock Policy

Authorization of Keys

Persons requesting keys are required to obtain permission from the administrator in charge of the area. The administration, faculty, and staff should be entitled to keys without deposit that would provide for the following:

  1. Access to their building of employment.
  2. Access to personal office.
  3. Access to other offices and laboratories necessary for their duties. An alternative to having many keys would be for a person to pick up other keys, when needed, from a central office. One person, such as a secretary, could have a set of keys for department use.

The Department of Facilities Management is responsible for granting final authorization to possess a key by determining whether the requester has a sufficient justification for his or her request.


A deposit of $5 per key will be required for all students being issued keys. Also, faculty, staff, and students will be assessed a $5 charge per key for the replacement of lost keys.

Master Keys

"Great Grand Master" Keys are available only to the Chancellor, the campus Vice Chancellors, and members of the Security and Facilities Management staff as designated by the Director of Facilities Management.

Check-out System

When an employee is hired, a University ID card must be used when issuing keys, agreeing to fulfill certain obligations--including the return of all keys at the end of employment. The last paycheck maybe held until the obligations are fulfilled.

Key Record

Records of outstanding keys are to be kept on the Key and Lock Management System, and audited each year by Facilities Management.

Lock Changes

Departments/divisions may request lock changes in their respective areas for the purpose of maintaining security. Facilities Management uses discretion on requests of this type.

Combination Locks

In some circumstances access to rooms such as computer labs or other areas that are used by many people is best served by installing a combination type lock. In all cases the combination lock will be the IU South Bend standard with Master Key override. If it is determined by Facilities Management that the best and most cost effective method of providing access is to install a combination lock, Facilities Management will install and fund the hardware. Requests to install combination locks for the convenience of a department shall be funded by that department.

Key and Lock Requests

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