Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships

The Daniel J. and Parick M. Gallivan Scholarship

Awarded to graduate or undergraduate who are visually impaired or have other disabilities. The deadline is April 1st.

Gallivan Scholarship details

Donna R. Pfeil-YWCA Scholarship

Awarded to single parents pursuing their graduate or undergraduate degree. The deadline is March 1st.

Pfeil Scholarship details

Jennifer Jo Szendrey Memorial Graduate MLS Scholarship

Awarded to MLS students who are engaged in activism of community involvement. The deadline is March 1st.

Szendrey Scholarship details

Eileen T. Bender Scholarship

Awarded to a graduate student in the English M.A. Program or MLS Program who works in the area of women’s/feminist issues and plans to teach at the college level
The deadline is March 1st.

Bender Scholarship details

The IU South Bend and IU Foundation Online Scholarship Application

To access the more than 200 IU South Bend and IU Foundation scholarship opportunities, students must complete the Online Scholarship Application (OSA) no later than March 1st each year. The OSA provides students the opportunity to be considered for the greatest number of scholarships available at IU South Bend.  Students completing the OSA will be considered for Institutional, Alumni, Departmental, and IU Foundation scholarships.

Resources for Out-of-State Graduate Students

Available for tuition purposes to graduate students who are legal U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens but are non-residents of Indiana. This scholarship allows a limited number of qualified students to receive a scholarship of $300 per credit hour, with a maximum of 45 credit hours per student.

Available to students who are legal U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens and reside in Southwestern Michigan pursuing one of the following academic goals: a master’s degree in a graduate program offered by IU South Bend; a graduate certificate program; coursework (undergraduate or graduate) required for admission to or in conjunction with a graduate degree program; or a teacher certification program.  Award amounts vary depending on the program and the number of credits in which a student is enrolled. Students receive $178 per credit hour for undergraduate prerequisite courses, $200 per credit hour for graduate courses in the Master of Social Work program, $221 per credit hour for graduate courses in the School for Business and Economics, $265 per credit hour for graduate courses in Nursing, and $187 per credit hour for graduate courses in other schools or colleges.

A limited number of awards are available. Please click here to review the specific criteria for these awards and download the application. Applications are due no later than the beginning of the term you are entering IU South Bend.

*Indiana House enacted HB 1402 and SB 590 prohibits students that are not U.S. Citizens or a qualified alien from receiving institutional scholarship funds.  Students that do not meet these criteria will not be eligible for the scholarship.

Graduate Student Grants

IU South Bend provides funding on a competitive basis to support graduate student research, service, and leadership (RSL) projects. Full and part-time graduate students who are enrolled in a graduate degree program are eligible and are encouraged to apply for grants. Special, non-degree graduate students are not eligible for this program. Students must be registered for a minimum of one graduate credit during the term (summer or semester) following the semester of the grant award. Please visit the Graduate Programs site for more information regarding Graduate Student Grants.

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