Community-Engaged Courses

Below is a list of all the approved community-engaged courses at IU South Bend. Use the dropdown menu below to see only those courses offered by a particular department.

Course Name
Course Number
Instructor Last Name
Instructor First Name
Semester(s) Typically Offered
Community Assessment & Planning IAHSCC425QuimbyKristynFall Semesters
Program Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation IIAHSCC435QuimbyKristynSpring Semesters
Intercultural Health CommunicationAHSCH330DielmanCarmenFall Semesters
Research Methods in AnthropologyANTHA370BlouinDavidFall Semesters
Field & Laboratory EcologyBIOLL474MarrDebOdd Year Fall Semesters
The Natural World: Environmental BiologyBIOLN390MarrDebOdd Year Spring Semesters
Retail StrategyBUSM419BindrooVishalSpring Semesters
Data ManagementBUSS307MerhiMohammadFall Semesters
Community Assessment & Program PlanningDHYGH477EdmondsonMalloryFall Semesters
Evaluation of Health Promotion ProgramsDHYGH478Edmondson
Spring Semesters
Science in the Elementary SchoolsEDUCE328HebertTerriSpring and Fall Semesters (not always as CE course)
Exploring Personal Demands of Teaching: Laboratory ExperienceEDUCF201HeckMarshaSpring and Fall Semesters
Exploring Personal Demands of Teaching: Field ExperienceEDUCF202HeckMarshaSpring and Fall Semesters
Latino & AA Civil Rights MovementsHISTH124Froysland
Second Summer Semesters
Proseminar for History MajorsHISTJ495TetzlaffMonicaSpring Semesters
World Literary and Intellectual Traditions: Humans & the EnvironmentHISTT190TetzlaffMonicaSpring, Fall, and Even Year First Summer Semesters
Freshman Honors SeminarHONH100KarakatsanisNeoviSpring, Fall, and Summer Semesters
Community Assessment & Program PlanningHSCH477EdmondsonMalloryFall Semesters
Evaluation of Health Promotion ProgramsHSCH478Edmondson
Spring Semesters
Health Promotion & Disease PreventionHSCN390Quimby
Spring Semesters
Public Relations WritingJOURJ390MancinoMatthewFall Semesters
Public Relations CampaignsJOURJ429McInerneyKimSpring Semesters
Introduction to American PoliticsPOLSY103BennionElizabethSpring, Fall, and First Summer Semesters
Topics in Public Affairs: Urban Policy, Development, & PlanningPOLSY625SmithJamieOdd Year Fall Semesters
Human Behavior & Social Institutions: Psychology & Social JusticePSYB190BryantDeSpring, Fall, and First Summer Semesters
Human Behavior & Social Institutions: Spirituality & Social JusticePSYB399BryantDeSpring, Fall, and Second Summer Semesters
Human Behavior & Social Institutions: Inequality in AmericaSOCB399SernauScottFall Semesters
Human Behavior & Social InstitutionsSOCB399SernauScottSpring Semesters
Sociology Capstone SeminarSOCR498McGuireGailSpring Semesters
Social StratificationSOCS317SernauScottFall Semesters
World Societies & CulturesSOCS362SernauScottSpring Semesters
Research Methods in SociologySOCS370BlouinDavidFall Semesters
Spanish for Health Care Personnel: Costa Rica Study AbroadSPANS160Hebert-AnnisCatiSecond Summer Semesters
Second Year Spanish 1SPANS203Fong-MorganTammySpring, Fall, and First Summer Semesters
Spanish for Public ServicesSPANS206JonesHeatherSpring Semesters
Hispanic Culture and Conversation SPANS275JonesHeatherFall Semesters
Spanish American Literature 2SPANS472Fong-MorganTammyFall Semesters
Foreign Study in Spanish: Study Abroad, Costa RicaSPANS496Hebert-AnnisCatiSecond Summer Semesters
Literary & Intellectual Traditions: Costa Rica Study AbroadSPANT190Fong-MorganTammySecond Summer Semesters
Literary & Intellectual Traditions: Costa Rica Study AbroadSPANT390Fong-MorganTammySecond Summer Semesters
The Sustainable FutureSUSTB190BaileyKristaSpring, Fall, and First Summer Semesters
Human Behavior & Social Institutions: Just Food: Sustainable Food SystemsSUSTB399BaileyKristaFall and First Summer Semesters
Measuring SustainabilitySUSTS360BaileyKristaSpring and Fall Semesters
Sustainability PracticumSUSTS490BaileyKristaSpring Semesters
Sustainability StrategiesSUSTS501BaileyKristaEven Year Fall Semesters
Topics in Strategic Sustainability Leadership: Measuring SustainabilitySUSTS610BaileyKristaOdd Year Fall and Even Year Spring Semesters
Sustainable Food SystemsSUSTS630BaileyKristaOdd Year Spring Semesters
Strategic Sustainability Leadership PracticumSUSTS690BaileyKristaSpring Semesters
Research Methods in Women's StudiesWGSW299BlouinDavidFall Semesters

Cross-Listed Courses

  • ANTH-A370, SOC-S370, & WGS-W299
  • DHYG-H477 & HSC-H477
  • DHYG-H478 & HSC-H478
  • HSC-N390, SOC-B399, & SOC-S362
  • SPAN-S160, SPAN-S496, SPAN-T190, & SPAN-T390
  • SUST-S490 & SUST-S690

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