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In the following directory, you will find a list of staff and faculty members who have partnered with community organizations. Browse this list to identify potential campus partners.

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Faculty and Staff Directory A-Z

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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science, American Democracy Project

David Blouin, Sociology

Catherine Borshuk, Psychology

Dé Bryant, Psychology, Social Action Project

Diane Economakis, English

Bridget Fong-Morgan, Spanish

Hayley Froysland, History, General Studies

George Garner, Civil Rights Heritage Center

Christina Gerken, Women’s and Gender Studies

Darryl Heller, Civil Rights Heritage Center, Women’s and Gender Studies

Heather Jones, French, Spanish

Lee Kahan, Associate Dean, English

Neovi Karakatsanis, Political Sciences, Honors Program

Erinn Kelley, English

Kevin Ladd, Psychology

April Lidinsky, Women’s and Gender Studies, Master of Liberal Studies

Deborah Marr, Biological Sciences

Gail McGuire, Sociology, Community Engagement

Zach Schrank, Sociology

James Smith, Political Science

Monica Tetzlaff, History

James VanderVeen, Anthropology

Joshua Wells, Anthropology, Social Informatics

Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts

Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics

Vishal Bindroo, Marketing

Raj Kohli, Finance

Mohammad Merhi, Decision Sciences

Hong Zhuang, Economics, Bureau of Business and Economic Research

School of Education

Hope Smith Davis, Dean

Michael Harley, Education

Julia Gressick, Teacher Education

Yvonne Larrier, Counseling and Human Services

School of Social Work

Student Affairs

Virginia Heidemann, Academic Centers for Excellence

Cynthia Murphy, Titan Success Center

Constance Peterson-Miller, Admissions, International Student Services

Vera Z. Dwyer College of Health Sciences

Jenny Deranek, Health Sciences

Andrew Doyle, Health Sciences

Mallory Edmondson, Dental Education

Thomas Fisher, Dean

Kristyn Quimby, Health Sciences

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