Give Back

Give Back

We’re all passionate about IU. And as alumni, we all want our alma mater to continue to succeed on an ever grander scale. We need your help to make it happen.

Alumni Scholarship Program

Scholarships make it possible for our students to attend school and to continue their education beyond the walls of the classroom. Our scholarship students work in prestigious campus labs and become active citizens of our campus community through university clubs and student government, enriching the narrative of Indiana University.

The Alumni Scholarship Program features a selection of scholarships that serve both students at IU South Bend and students from St. Joseph County attending any IU campus. There are scholarships that recognize academic merit, social identity, and community service. This program has provided more than 400 scholarships to talented students since 1997.

Your generosity helps empower the next generation of hard-working dreamers, doers, and leaders at Indiana University and IU South Bend.


Scholarship Opportunities

Being a recipient of the IU South Bend Alumni Honors Scholarship means more than just financial help; it means the whole IU South Bend community is behind me and pushing me to reach my goals.

Carson Pifer, BS '21 (Biological Sciences)

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