Accommodations and Access

Accommodations and Access

IU ADA Policy 

If you have an access issue on campus, or a barrier exists on campus we need to be aware of, please let us know via the Accessibility Report Form.

Maintaining an inclusive and accessible environment

Indiana University is committed to maintaining inclusive and accessible environments across all campuses and eliminating discrimination against people with disabilities.

Ensuring that all members of the university community have access to facilities, information, and information technology associated with administration and services, coursework and instruction, programs, and university-sponsored activities is critical to the educational mission and is among IU’s highest priorities.

What our Office Does

We coordinate the university’s efforts to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and handle complaints and grievances brought to us by faculty, staff, and the IU community at large.

Workplace and educational accommodations are determined by campus representatives with expertise in the area (see ADA policy). This office can direct students, faculty, and staff to the appropriate campus offices and assist visitors on campus to find the help and resources they need.

Requesting Accommodations

For Students:

  • The Office of Disability Services for Students assists students with various disabilities including physical, psychological, learning, neurological, medical, vision, hearing, and temporary impairments. If you need assistance with an accommodation, call 812-855-7578 or email

For Faculty:

  • Office of Academic Affairs provides reasonable accommodations for faculty or applicants interested in faculty positions with Indiana University South Bend. If you need assistance with an accommodation, please contact Academic Affairs at 574-520-4183 or visit Administration 246.

For Staff:

  • Human Resources provides reasonable accommodations for staff or applicants interested in staff positions with Indiana University. If you need assistance with an accommodation, please contact IUSB Human Resources at 574-520-4236 or visit Administration 223.

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